Scorpions, Windscorpions, Pseudoscorpions Culturing Ancient Arachnids $16.00each

Chapters include feeding, captive habitats, reproduction for these three spectacular arachnid orders. 40pp. +2 color plates. Paperback.

Giant Tarantulas the Enthusiast's Handbook $16.00each

Includes anatomy and glossary, eggsac care, s'ling care, species list and more. 48pp. +8 color plates. Paperback.

Giant Centipedes the Enthusiast's Handbook $16.00each

Includes biology and background, reproduction, rearing, species list and more. 44pp. +4 color plates. Paperback.

The Complete Guide to Rearing Grant's Rhinoceros Beetle $10.00 each

Very detailed handbook on rearing the biggest US rhinoceros beetle. Specific requirements for caging, substrate, egg care, larval care, etc.

Praying Mantids Keeping Aliens $10.00each

Information on keeping and breeding praying mantids as pets. Sections on live foods, oothecae, mating, the mantis garden, US mantids, and exotic mantids. Includes glossary and resources section. 40pp. Paperback.

Allpet Roaches: Care and Identification Handbook for the Pet and Feeder Cockroaches $15.00each

Information on breeding the pet and feeder cockroaches. Identification list with over 70 species pictured and discussed. 4 color plates and descriptive b/w. 41pp. Paperback.

Assassins Bugs, Waterscorpions and Other True Bugs $10.00each

Contains chapters detailing captive propagation of Giant Water Bugs, Waterscorpions, Assassin Bugs, Seed Bugs, Stink/Plant Bugs and more! Full of b/w photos. Color photos back cover.

Ghosts of the Trees, Walkingsticks and Leaf-insects $12.00each

Phasmid enthusiast handbook, includes sections on growing and choosing foodplants, winter feeding, molting, fertilization, native US phasmid list and more. 44pp. Paperback.

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