Red Feathertail Centipede (Alipes sp."tanzania")
2" - 4", $45 each
WOW! What a strange centipede! Tail segments look like a feather on the tips, and they use these to lure prey! Armoured looking plates, and when excited, they shake their tails with a rattle! Very strange and exciting centipede, grab them quick, they won't last long!

Tiger Centipede (Scolopendra polymorpha)
3" - 4", $25 each
This Southwestern U. S. centipede, is widespread, and easy to keep! Wheat colored to orangish base color, with black banding on each segment. Reach 5" - 6" as adults. Neat "pede"!

Fire Centipede (Scolopocryptops sexspinosus)
2"+, $6 each
This small species is a bright orangish-red in overall color! Found in woodlands under bark, moss and leaf litter. Easy to keep, resemble Scolopendra, only in a smaller version. Reach 2"+ as adults, real nice looking.


Stone Centipede (Lithobius forficatus)
1/2"- 1"+, $6 each
These stout little centipedes are very fast. Small, but a real neat pede, that devours prey with ease. Has been known to live as long as 5 years! U.S. & Europe.

Eastern Bark Centipede (Hemiscolopendra marginata)
1" - 3", $10 each
This small Hemiscolopendra species is greenish blue with yellow legs, and an orangish head and tail. Found in the woodlands of eastern U.S. these only reach 3"+ as adults, but are real nice looking.
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