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To receive a freebie, a $20 minimum is required, shipping not included. Only ONE freebie per order. Although Swift's does give other invertebrates

as "freebies", at this time only a couple species other than tarantulas are offered to 

choose from, see below. Simply notify Kelly Swift at of your choice,
and I'll be sure to get it in your box!

Current "Freebies"

1/4" Honduran Curlyhair (B. albopilosum"honduras") 
1/4" Mexican Redrump (B. vagans) 
1/4" Brazilian Salmon (L. parahybana) 
1/4" Brazilian Red and White (N. chromatus) 

For Orders $100 Or More...(shipping not included)

1/4" Giant White Knee (A. geniculata) 
1" Cambodian Forest Scorpion (H. petersii) 
1/4" Guatemalan Redrump (B. sabulosum)