Minimum Order is $20.00, not including shipping! Shipping days are Monday through Wednesday. Any orders processed after 12:00pm CST Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday.

$45 FedEx Overnight (Live Arrival Guaranteed) (Note: No live arrival guarantee on shipments when temperatures exceed 100oF, or fall below 25oF.) All shipments must be signed for upon delivery.

$25 FedEx 2nd Day (No Live Arrival Guaranteed).

Please email your order to if you want 2nd Day, and we will send a PayPal invoice for this shipping rate.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted Via PayPal, Money orders, and PayPal Payments. I'm sorry, at this time we can't process credit card payments independent from PayPal.

For money order payments, please include the following information:

1. Full name and shipping address to where you want the package shipped.
2. A current telephone number, in case of problems or delays.
3. Animals that are in your order (type/quantity)
4. Which method of shipping, FedEx Overnight $45 (Live arrival guaranteed) or 2nd Day shipping $25 (no live arrival guarantee).

Send payment and information to:
Kelly Swift 1060 Rd. 4302 Little Rock, MS 39337

No sales outside the US

Payment must be received before order is shipped! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

In the event of a DOA (Dead On Arrival) all animals will be refunded for the full amount of purchase. Receiver must notify Swift's within 24hrs of receiving DOA's, otherwise no refund will be given. Be aware that we do not replace animals, unless an additional order is made, and replacement animals are therefore added. Swift's Invertebrates, does not replace individual animals AND shipping, only the price of the DOA. All DOA's must be placed in alcohol, and properly sealed, and sent back for proof of demise, or a CLEAR photo of the DOA with a pin through it. I hate that this is what it comes to but, scammers are getting better by cooling invertebrates, then laying them on their backs and taking photos of them, claiming they are deceased. Swift's Invertebrates does not replace "freebies" that arrive DOA. Swift's Invertebrates will not be liable for shipments with DOAs, that have been exposed to direct sunlight or freezing temperatures after they have been delivered. In addition Swift's Invertebrates will not be liable for theft of your package if left unattended.

All Tarantulas and Scorpions are venomous!! Most, fortunately, are no more significant than a bee sting. Some genera to be concerned with are Poecilotheria, Stromatopelma, Androctonus, Buthus, Lieurus, and usually any spider sold as Birdeater or Baboon Spider. Further, nearly all New World species have the capability to flick urticating (itchy) hairs, keep away from eyes and nose. Some people may prove allergic to these hairs. We wish to inform you of this not to scare you, but, to educate you further. Also, very few species will allow themselves to be handled, seek expert advice. Lastly, Purchaser assumes all responsibilty for their new acquisition. Thank You, Kelly Swift

If you have any additional problems, please call Kelly Swift at 601-562-0347