Giant Golden Asian Mantis

Giant Golden Asian Mantis (Hierodula sp."golden")

CB L4 , $25 each

Beautiful species from asia, this giant golden mantis is similar to the Giant Green Asian Mantis (Hierodula membranacea), yet has an overall golden coloration as adults. Easy to keep, they get fairly large reaching over 4"! These can eat flies, crickets, roaches, and even small vertebrates! Get them while they last!

Asian Shield Mantis

Marbled Shield Mantis (Rhombodera fusca)

CB L4 , $25 each

Beautiful Asian species, R. fusca belong to a large group of mantids, because of their wide pronotum, are commonly known as "shield mantids". R. fusca are overall tones of grey, in a marbled fashion. Hardy species reaching 3"+ as adults! Limited suppy, so don't snooze on em!!
Photos Courtesy of Cheryl Dewitt.

Carolina Mantis

Carolina Mantis (Stagmomantis carolina)

CB L3 , $10 each

Beautiful species native to the southern U.S., S. carolina is a small to medium sized mantis that are typically grey marbled, or green overall. Hardy species reaching 3" as adults! Get em quick!!

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