NW=New World OW=Old World AB=Arboreal TR=Terrestrial

Mexican Flameknee

Mexican Flameknee (Brachypelma auratum)
1/2", $49 each
This fantastic Mexican species is a true beauty! Overall black coloration with cream colored banding on metatarsus, tibia, and end of patella! On the main part of the patella, they have a bright reddish-orange "flame" type marking, very distinct to B. auratum. Although these are docile, they tend to be a bit more skiddish than other Brachypelmas. Reaching 5" as adults, easy to keep, don't let these awesome spiders slip away!!

Mexican Redleg

Mexican Redleg (Brachypelma emilia)
1/2", $49 each
This beautiful Mexican species, is a true icon in the hobby! Not often available, B. emilia has it's own look with a "V" shaped marking on the carapace in black cover the eye cluster! Beautiful orange - red coloration on carapace, tibia on their front legs, and tibia and metatarsus on their rear legs!Abdomenal region is covered with red setae! These are stunning! Reaching 5" - 6" as adults, docile, easy to keep! These beauties won't last long!

Mexican Redknee

Mexican Redknee (Brachypelma hamorii)
1/2", $39 each
Hands down one of the most popular spiders in the hobby! Recently, name was changed from B. smithi to B. hamorii. B. smithi is now, what once was B. annitha. Confusing isn't it? These fantastically colored Mexican wonders have not only looks, but are quite docile and very easy to keep. But wait, that's not all....They have been known to have incredibly long lifespans, with records in excess of 25 years! However, they, like many other Mexican multi-colored beauties, do have urticating hairs that many find irritating to skin. I've always found them well worth the "itch"! Reach 6" as adults. 4 **** on these!
Egyptian Olive

Egyptian Olive (Chaetopelma sp."egypt")
1/4", $29 each
This beautiful Egyptian tarantula, is similar to C. olivaceum, and may be found to be an Egyptian local of C. olivaceum. Dark olive green overall, reaching 4" as adults! Get them while you can!

Trinidad Dwarf Tigerump

Trinidad Dwarf Tigerump (Cyriocosmus elegans)
1/8", $39 each
This very attractive dwarf species from Trinidad and Tobago, have a black "V" shape over their eye cluster, on a pumkin orange carapace. Black legs with white striping starting from the patella run down to the tarsus! Like other species in the genus Cyriocosmus, these little dwarfs have a beautiful heart shaped mirror-patch, with "tiger" type stripeing on sides of abdomen. Easy to keep, and even though they are small, they take small prey like a champ. Start these with flightless fruit flies, or day old crickets! These are a true dwarf species and reach only 2" as adults! Limited, so don't wait too long!

Guatemalam Tigerump

Guatemalam Tigerump (Davus pentaloris)
1/4", $39 each
Such a beautiful tarantula, native to Mexico and Guatemala, D.pentaloris was once sold as D. fasciatus, and before that, in error as C. fasciatum. Black legs, pumkin orange carapace with red "tiger" type barring on abdomen! Nervous, but not overly defensive, D. pentaloris is a small to medium size tarantula reaching 4" as adults on average. Hatched in the U.S. by breeder Vladimir Rep! Get these while we got em!
Nepalese Black Femur Earth Tiger

Nepalese Black Femur Earth Tiger (Haplocosmia sp."Black Femur")
1/2", $59 each
Beautiful spider from the Northern India and Nepal regions. These have a multitude of color with legs being dark grey to beige from tarsus to patella, with black femurs! Deep burrowers, these do web a lot. Husbandry seems to be similar to species in the genus Chilobrachys. Reaching 4"- 5" as adults, don't let this unique beauties slip away!
Photos Courtesy of Frank Somma.
Queensland Whistling Spider

Queensland Whistling Spider (Phlogius crassipes)
3/4", $49 each
These giants from down under, are native to the east coast of Queensland, Australia! Still listed as Selenocosmia, synonym of Phlogius, P. crassipes is an overall brown-beige coloration, and has the ability to make a "whistling", or hissing type sound by using their large front legs to stridulate setae along the sides of their chelicerae! Powerful arachnids, and considered the largest of the Australian tarantulas! Reaching 8"+ as adults, be careful of bites from these as Selenocosmia/Phlogius has been known for stronger venom! Limited supply, get them while i've got them!
Photos Courtesy of Frank Somma.

Featherleg Baboon

Featherleg Baboon (Stromatopelma calceatum)
3/4", $29 each
One of the very few African arboreals that are available in the hobby, these beauties are very agile arboreals that have a nice overall cryptic pattern of greys, golds, and blacks, with some reddish hairs visible. Have been known to have more than average potency to their venom, so caution is advised. Reaching 6"+ as adults! Don't pass em up!!

Yucatan Rust Rump

Yucatan Rust Rump (Tliltocatl epicureanum)
1/2", $49 each
From Central America and Mexico, these black beauties are fairly rare in the hobby! Recently moved from Brachypelma into the genus Tliltocatl. Overall shimmering black with reddish - orange abdomenal setae, and a dark patch in the center of the abdomen. Very gentle species, reaching 5" as adults, don't pass these beauties up!!
Photos Courtesy of Mikhail F. Bagaturov.

Price List Arranged in Alphabetical Order by Scientific Name


Guyanan Pinktoe
Guyanan Pinktoe

Guyanan Pinktoe (Avicularia avicularia)
3/4", $20 each, Just Hatched At Swift's!!
Beautiful arboreal species, native from Costa Rica to Brazil and the southern Caribbean. Black with pink toes and a blueish overall sheen, and a small amount of reddish setae on abdomen! A. avicularia has a gentle disposition, and are recognized as one of the best beginner's species! Reaching 5" as adults, They're so sweet!


Mexican Fireleg

Mexican Fireleg (Brachypelma boehmei)
1/2", $49 each
This is one of my favorite Brachys, and although a bit more nervous than a few other popular Mexican species, they make up for that in color. Easy to keep and raise, sporadically available. Wonderful spider!


Peruvian Yellow Banded

Peruvian Yellow Banded (Cyclosternum schmardae)
1/4", $35 each
This beauty from Peru is actually fairly rare in the hobby. Dark browm abdomen, lighter colored carapace, with dark brown to black femurs. Some leg striping can be seen on patella, along with a light yellow banding at the joint. Mildly defensive, reaching 4"+ as adults!
Photo Courtesy of Tom Patterson.


Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue (Cyriopagopus lividus)
3/4", $45 each
This iconic blue legged beauty inhabits the tropical rain forests of southeast Asia, and in natural sunlight, they have some of the deepest dark blue coloration of almost any tarantula. Formerly Haplopelma lividum, C. lividus are deep burrowers, so deep substrate is a must with this species. Very defensive, and like most Asian terrestrials, these will bite! Reaching 6" as adults! Limited supply, Don't let these blue beasts get away!!!


Brazilian Emerald Skeleton

Brazilian Emerald Skeleton (Ephebopus uatuman)
1/2", $35 each
Although these beautiful Ephebopus do not actually have leg striping, or "skeleton" like E. murinus, and E. rufescens, E. uatuman are a shimmering golden / green in overall coloration. A bright yellow band seperates the patella and the femur! Deep burrowers, mildly aggressive, these do not possess urticating abdomenal setae, yet have defensive urticating setae on pedipalps! Reaching 4" - 5" as adults! Limited supply!!



Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola pulchripes)
1/2", $25 each
Fantastic species from Paraguay! These are big and beautiful! Golden patella striping is their trademark, but also is their sweet disposition. A staple in the hobby, one of the best beginner species, very hardy! Reaching 7"+ as adults! Don't let them get away!


Colombian Pumpkin Patch

Colombian Pumpkin Patch (Hapalopus sp. "Pumkin Patch")
1/8", $25 each
Such a beautiful little Colombian species, Colombian Pumpkin Patch "large", are gold, orange and black, with an orange spotted abdomen! Babies are tiny, but grow quick! Reaching 4" as adults! Hatched in the U.S. by breeder Frank Somma!! Don't pass these colorful beauties up!!


Tanzanian Chestnut (Heterothele villosella)
1/2", $35 each
Fantastic species from Tanzania, that is dark overall with golden to greenish coloration upon their carapace, with a nice abdomenal pattern. Small species that is quite the "webber". These are popular for being a communal species in the hobby! Reaching 3" as adults!...Don't let them crawl away!!


Cameroon Red Baboon

Cameroon Red Baboon (Hysterocrates sp. "cameroon")
3/4", $29 each
Beautiful West African baboon spider! Hysterocrates sp. "cameroon" is a large terrestrial that can vary in color from a rustic reddish color to an overall dark brown. Formerly listed in the hobby as H. gigas, recent revision has proved it may not be accurate. Deep burrowers, these like deep moist substrate. Great feeders reaching 7" as adults! Very cool spider!! Hatched in the U.S. by breeder Renee Brazzale!!

Nigerian Red Baboon

Nigerian Red Baboon (Hysterocrates latipes)
3/4", $39 each
Rustic red to dark brown, these aggressive African terrestrials are highly moisture dependent and do best with deep moist substrate. Large, reaching 6"+! Limited supply, grab them before the're gone!!
Photo Courtesy of Tom Patterson.


Brazilian Dwarf Pinkleg

Brazilian Dwarf Pinkleg (Kochiana brunnipes)
1/4", $35 each
This beautiful little rainforest species is quite rare in the U.S. hobby, and represents the only species in the genus Kochiana. As young, they have brilliant pink legs from tarsus to patella, with dark almost black femurs, carapace and abdomen. A heart shaped mirror patch is also present on the abdomen. Color fades some as adults, but still has a pale pinkish look to the legs. Being that this is a dwarf species, babies start out quite small at only 1/8", but are quite hardy, and will take fruit flies, small mealworms, and newborn crickets. These will scavenge feed, so they will accept slightly larger baby crickets that are pre killed. Reaching 3"+ as adults, if you like colorful drawf species, you'll like these!


Black Whistling Spider

Black Whistling Spider (Phlogius sp."black/presley")
4.5", $89 each, MATURE MALE
These fantastic Australian species are large and impressive! Also known as "whistling spiders", adult females of Phlogius sp."black/presley" , are jet black and so beautiful! Being that this species is sexually dimorphic males however, look very different and have light colored legs, and an overall dainty look compared to the larger female. This male matured 10/14/18, so he's fresh! Get him quick!!


Caribbean Bronze
Caribbean Bronze

Caribbean Bronze (Phormictopus auratus)
3/4", $49 each
Also known as the Cuban Bronze, P. auratus are a large terrestrial species from central- eastern Cuba. A beautiful bronze coloration covers their carapace and femurs, and are a very vibrant bronze, especially on mature males! These are a bit defensive in behavior, but are strait forward in care. Great feeders! They like to dig also, so allow them to escavate! Reaching 7"- 8" as adults, these beauties were hatched out in the U.S. by breeder John Apple!! These are awesome!! Limited Supply, Don't Wait!!!


Sri Lankan Ornamental

Sri Lankan Ornamental (Poecilotheria fasciata)
4"+, $79 each, Mature Male, Mississippi Sales Only!!
Beautiful Sri Lankan species, recently put on a protected list, no longer will this species be legal to ship out of state. This male matured in Aug., so now's your chance to breed this awesome species! Only one available, so don't wait long!

Gooty Ornamental
Gooty Ornamental

Gooty Ornamental (Poecilotheria metallica)
3/4", $99 each, Just Hatched at Swift's!!
One of the most sought after tarantula in the world at this time. These beauties from Gooty, South India, are priceless gems! Typical cryptic ornamental pattern on a deep blue background color, with bright yellow bands on ventral side of legs! We hatched them for the first time in the U.S., and this hatching represents Swift's Invertebrates 15th successful hatching of this fantastic arboreal! Limited quantities available, so don't wait long!


Colombian Short Hair

Colombian Short Hair (Pseudhapalopus sp. "kurzhaar")
1/8", $39 each, First U.S. Hatching!!
This beautiful spider from Colombia is new to the hobby, and has a light grey carapace with darker legs and abdomen. Slight blue sheen on legs in recently molted adults! Smaller species, reaching 3.5" as adults. Easy to keep, but knowing growth rates on Pseudhapalopus, they are a bit slow growing. Hatched for the first time in the U.S. by breeder Tom Patterson! Get em while I got em!
Photo Courtesy of Tom Patterson.


Usambar Orange Baboon

Usambar Orange Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus)
1/2", $20 each
From the Usambara Mountains of Kenya, and Tanzania, this spider is very orange, very fast, and very aggressive! P. murinus has been very popular in the hobby for nearly 30 yrs. due to it's increadable orange coloration, it's availability, ease of husbandry demands, and shear animated aggression! Due to this popularity, hobbyists have dubbed these "OBT's", standing for "Orange Bitey Thing". Reaching 5.5" as adults. Awesome arachnid!!


Honduran Curly Hair

Honduran Curlyhair (Tliltocatl albopilosum)
1/4", $15 each
Recently moved from the genus Brachypelma, Honduran Curlyhair's are a great pet species, and like it's common name suggests, these have extremely fuzzy golden brown setae covering the legs, making this spider appear bulky. Reaching 5"-6" as adults!! A true hobby icon!
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