NW=New World OW=Old World AB=Arboreal TR=Terrestrial

Guyanan Pinktoe

Guyanan Pinktoe (Avicularia avicularia)
3/4", $20 each
Sweet little arboreals, black with pink toes and a blueish sheen to them! Common, but still a true beauty. Calm, reaches 5" as adults. Great beginner T!
Photo Courtesy of Jose Berrios.

Honduran Curly Hair

Honduran Curlyhair (Brachypelma albopilosum)
1/4", $15 each
Honduran Curlyhair's are a great pet species, and like it's common name suggests, these have extremely fuzzy golden brown setae covering the legs, making this spider appear bulky. Reaching 5"-6" as adults!! A true hobby icon!

Mexican Redleg

Mexican Redleg (Brachypelma emilia)
5", MATURE MALE, $149 each
This beautiful Mexican species, is a true icon in the hobby! Not often available, B. emilia has it's own look with a "V" shaped marking on the carapace in black cover the eye cluster! Beautiful orange - red coloration on carapace, tibia on their front legs, and tibia and metatarsus on their rear legs!Abdomenal region is covered with red setae! This male matured in Nov. 2018, so he's ready to roll! These are stunning! Reaching 5" - 6" as adults, docile, easy to keep! These beauties won't last long!

Mexican Redrump

Mexican Redrump (Brachypelma vagans)
1/4", $15 each
This staple Mexican species has been around for ages, but is still very popular and beautiful! Overall black with bright red abdominal setae! Often underated because of its availability, these are sure sweet! Reaching 6" and stocky! These are all around a great spider!!
Vietnamese Tiger

Vietnamese Tiger (Cyriopagopus vonwirthi)
3/4", $29 each
Recently moved from the genus Haplopelma, to Cyriopagopus These Southeast Asian beauties are usually a dark smokey brown the black background coloration, with chevron markings on the abdomen. Aggressive by nature, these like to dig, so deep substrate is important to these. Females can get large, 6"+! Nice looking spider!

French Guianan Bluefang
French Guianan Bluefang

French Guianan Bluefang (Ephebopus cyanognathus)
3/4", $49 each
WOW!! Ephebopus cyanognathus is a beautiful tarantula from the lush coastal country of French Guiana, South America. These beautiful terrestrials as spiderlings are very colorful! Blue chelicerae, shimmering emerald green abdomen, with pinkish legs with black "boots" tarsus. When spiderlings, they have a bright orange band at the base of each tarsal segment, that catches the eye quickly. As adults their overall background color turns to a light reddish brown with dark femurs. At the base of the patella on each leg, there is a bold yellow band. The color of the chelicerae on adults turn to a faint purple. Reaching 4"+ as adults, don't pass up these hard to find gems!!

Trinidad Olive (Neoholothele incei)
1/4", $32 each

Recently removed from the genus Holothele, these island beauties from Trinidad are a real treat! Shiny olive color overall, with slight banding on abdomen! Big "webbers", these little marvels will fill their retreat with tons of webbing! Known to be one of few species, that cohabitate communally! Small, only reaching 3"- 4" as adults, but a very cool spider! Hatched in the U.S. by Jonah Lazich!! Not often available, don't pass these up!

Price List Arranged in Alphabetical Order by Scientific Name


Brazilian White Banded

Brazilian White Banded (Acanthoscurria brocklehursti)
1"+, $39 each
Beautiful Brazilian species which is similar to A. geniculata, but has thinner leg banding. Deep dark brown to black background color with bright white banding. Large and impressive reaching 8" as adults!! Hatched in the U.S. by Tom Patterson! Add one to your collection!!

Giant White Knee

Giant White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata)
3/4", $29 each
From the northern region of Santarem, Brazil, comes this fantastic terrestrial beauty! Dark, almost black, with red setae on the abdomen and thick white bands on each leg segment, but quite prominent on patella. Although they can be aggressive at times, many consider these gentle enough to handle, which adds to this spiders appeal. Reaches an 8" legspan as adults! Hatched in the U.S. by Jose Berrios of Exoskeleton Invertebrates!! Don't let them get away!!


Desert Blonde

Desert Blonde (Aphonopelma chalcodes)
1/4", $20 each
This beauty from southern Arizona, and northwestern Mexico has been collected and kept for many years. Light caramel colored carapace, black femurs with light golden colored legs from patella to tarsus. Abdomen is lightly colored with reddish setae. Very easy to keep 5"+ as adults!

Great Basin Blonde

Great Basin Blonde (Aphonopelma iodius)
1/4", $39 each
This awesome desert species from Utah, California, and Nevada, are as young, similar in looks to A. chalcodes, but as it gets larger, it can change to slighty darker with a slight triangle covering the eye cluster. These were captive produced from adults collected in Delta, UT. Rare in collections, reaching 6" as adults! Limited, Don't pass em up!
Photo Courtesy of Jose Berrios.


Mozambique Gold Baboon

Mozambique Gold Baboon (Augacephalus ezendami)
3/4", $39 each
This beautiful South African species is a baboon fans treat! Golden in overall color, with a "star burst" type abdomenal pattern, common in many Harpactirinae. Formarly known as Ceratogyrus ezendami, but revised by Gallon in 2010, and put into the genus Augacephalus. Don't let them slip away!!
Photo Courtesy of Anastasia Haroldsen.


Nicaraguan Curly Hair

Nicaraguan Curlyhair (Brachypelma albopilosum)
1", $29 each
These beauitiful spiders from Nicaragua, are robust and curly! Not to be confused with the Honduran Curlyhair's, which are north of Nicaragua. Like it's common name suggests, these have extremely fuzzy golden brown setae covering the legs, making this spider appear bulky. Hatched in the U.S. by breeder Jose Berrios! Reaching 5"-6" as adults!! A true hobby icon!

Mexican Fireleg

Mexican Fireleg (Brachypelma boehmei)
1/4", $39 each
This is one of my favorite Brachys, and although a bit more nervous than a few other popular Mexican species, they make up for that in color. Easy to keep and raise, sporadically available. Wonderful spider!

Mexican Redknee

Mexican Redknee (Brachypelma hamorii)
1/2"+, $45 each
Hands down one of the most popular spiders in the hobby! Recently, name was changed from B. smithi to B. hamorii. B. smithi is now, what once was B. annitha. Confusing isn't it? These fantastically colored Mexican wonders have not only looks, but are quite docile and very easy to keep. But wait, that's not all....They have been known to have incredibly long lifespans, with records in excess of 25 years! However, they, like many other Mexican multi-colored beauties, do have urticating hairs that many find irritating to skin. I've always found them well worth the "itch"! Reach 6" as adults. 4 **** on these!

Guatemalan Redrump

Guatemalan Redrump (Brachypelma sabulosum)
1/4", $20 each
Beautiful spider from Central America, and Mexico! Brown to black overall in coloration with reddish to orange abdomenal setae. Similar in coloration to B. vagans, (Mexican Redrump), yet not as bright red setae on the abdomenal region. Hardy species, and fairly gentile, these little beasts were hatched in the U.S. by Drew Granato! Reaching 5"+ as adults, not often seen in collections, don't let them get away!


Brazilian Redhead

Brazilian Redhead (Bumba cabocla)
1/4", $32 each
Fantastic looking Brazilian species formerly in the genus Maraca, now recently moved into the genus Bumba. Jet black legs and abdomen, with bright red to a pumpkin orange colored carapace that has pinkish highlights in adults. Gentle disposition, reaching 4" - 5" in legspan as adults!
Photo Courtesy of Anastasia Haroldsen.


Curved Horned Baboon

Curved Horn Baboon (Ceratogyrus darlingi)
1"+, $35 each

This fantastic African horned species from Mozambique and Zimbabwe, are an overall greyish brown, with dashes of beige, black, pink, and white. Their foveal protuberance or horn curves backwards, and these have a black mask covering the eye cluster. Aggressive as with most horned species, reaching 5" as adults. These are neat!


Rio Branco Dwarf

Rio Branco Dwarf (Cyriocosmus bertae)
1/4", $35 each
This beautiful species from the Rio Branco region of Brazil, are a great dwarf species! Black carapace and femurs with light colored legs from patella to tarsus! Like other species in the genus Cyriocosmus, these little dwarfs have a beautiful heart shaped mirror-patch on their abdomens! Easy to keep, very hardy! Reaching 3" as adults, They are so sweet!!


Puerto Rican Pygmy

Puerto Rican Pygmy (Cyrtopholis portoricae)
1"+, $49 each
Small, but vicious! Two toned brown and black, with a bit of striping on "knees". Look like a miniature L. striatus, "kinda"! Neat little buggers! Reaching 4". Hatched in the U.S. by Sue Anderson!



Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola pulchripes)
1/2", $25 each
Fantastic species from Paraguay! These are big and beautiful! Golden patella striping is their trademark, but also is their sweet disposition. A staple in the hobby, one of the best beginner species, very hardy! Hatched in the U.S. by breeder Deen Pollin!! Reaching 7"+ as adults! Don't let them get away!

Chilean Rose

Chilean Rose (Grammostola porteri)
1/2", $25 each
This beautiful Chilean species has been a hobby icon for over 40yrs! G. porteri has a docile disposition and is beautiful! Overall "almond" colored setae with a bright shiney pink carapace. In recent years since Chile had closed it's importation of this species, G. porteri have been a bit harder to find. Reaching 5"+ as adults!! Don't let these get away!!


Tanzanian Chestnut (Heterothele villosella)
1/2", $35 each
Fantastic species from Tanzania, that is dark overall with golden to greenish coloration upon their carapace, with a nice abdomenal pattern. Small species that is quite the "webber". These are popular for being a communal species in the hobby! Reaching 3" as adults!...Don't let them crawl away!!


Nigerian Red Baboon

Nigerian Red Baboon (Hysterocrates latipes)
3/4", $39 each
Rustic red to dark brown, these aggressive African terrestrials are highly moisture dependent and do best with deep moist substrate. Large, reaching 6"+! Limited supply, grab them before the're gone!!
Photo Courtesy of Tom Patterson.


Brazilian Dwarf Pinkleg

Brazilian Dwarf Pinkleg (Kochiana brunnipes)
1/4", $35 each
This beautiful little rainforest species is quite rare in the U.S. hobby, and represents the only species in the genus Kochiana. As young, they have brilliant pink legs from tarsus to patella, with dark almost black femurs, carapace and abdomen. A heart shaped mirror patch is also present on the abdomen. Color fades some as adults, but still has a pale pinkish look to the legs. Being that this is a dwarf species, babies start out quite small at only 1/8", but are quite hardy, and will take fruit flies, small mealworms, and newborn crickets. These will scavenge feed, so they will accept slightly larger baby crickets that are pre killed. Reaching 3"+ as adults, if you like colorful drawf species, you'll like these!


Brazilian Salmon
Brazilian Salmon

Brazilian Salmon (Lasiodora parahybana)
1", $20 each, Just Hatched At Swift's!!
Huge monstrous terrestrial that rivals T. blondi in size, but much more affordable. Heavy bodies, black to grayish in color with pink-tipped hairs, these awesome spiders are very undemanding in husbandry being so very easy to keep. Reaching up to 10" in legspan, don't miss out on these "Big,uns"!


Colombian Giant Redleg

Colombian Giant Redleg (Megaphobema robustum)
3" - 4", IMMATURE MALES, $89 each
Giant rainforest beauties from Colombia, M. robustum is a huge spider, and lets you know it! Velvet orange legs, brown to black femurs and carapace, these will rear their back legs in defense! A little aggressive, but very easy to keep, these rarely miss a meal! Reaching in excess of 8" as adults! They are so pretty!


Socotra Island Blue Leg Baboon
Socotra Island Blue Leg Baboon

Socotra Island Blue Leg Baboon (Monocentropus balfouri)
3/4", $69 each, Just Hatched at Swift's!!
Off the coast of Yemen, on the island of Socotra, comes one of the most beautiful and interesting tarantulas in the hobby today! Monocentropus balfouri, the Socotra Island Blue Leg Baboon is endemic to this beautiful island, along with many other odd and beautiful flora and fauna only found on Socotra! M. balfouri females have a light cream/grey color carapace with dark blue legs from patella to tarsus! Males have a dark blue carapace, and dark abdomen. These have been a favorite for communal keepers, and they seem to do well in groups, with odds being better if they are siblings. Mildly aggressive, reaching 5" as adults! Keep these on the drier side, this hatchout represents Swift's Invertebrates 110th species to breed and successfully hatch!!


Brazilian Black and White

Brazilian Black and White (Nhandu coloratovillosus)
1/4", $20 each
New species to the US hobby in late '98, adults are still quite hard to obtain. They are fuzzy as adults with black and white banding on leg segments, with pink tipped setae...real sweet looking, but are aggressive! Can reach 6.5" in leg span and grow like weeds!!


King Baboon

King Baboon (Pelinobius muticus)
1/2" $49 each

These are such a majestic creature! Native to East Africa, P. muticus is known as "The King Baboon" for it's size, and is one of the largest of the African tarantulas! Overall coloration is a rustic orange, with velvet like setae covering their massive frame. Reaching in excess of 8", P. muticus is also a thick spider, especially it's rear legs that are oversized, and "muscular" looking. These help in aid to escavates large burrows, so deep substrate is important with these obligate burrowers. They are aggressive, and will go into a threat stance and rub their pedipalps againts their chelicera making a hissing sound to keep the predators away. This is a warning, because they will only bluff for so long. Not often available, limited supply, get em while I got em!


Black Whistling Spider

Black Whistling Spider (Phlogius sp."black/presley")
4.5", $89 each, MATURE MALE
These fantastic Australian species are large and impressive! Also known as "whistling spiders", adult females of Phlogius sp."black/presley" , are jet black and so beautiful! Being that this species is sexually dimorphic males however, look very different and have light colored legs, and an overall dainty look compared to the larger female. This male matured 10/14/18, so he's fresh! Get him quick!!


Haitian Brown
Haitian Brown

Haitian Brown (Phormictopus cancerides)
1/2", $20 each, Just Hatched At Swift's!!
From the West Indies to Brazil, this carribean beauty gets quite large reaching 8"+ as adults!!. They have a beautiful purplish to bronze pattern on the carapace and femurs! Babies are beautiful blue! Although the common name suggests these are just a brown spider, these are anything but just brown, with mature males molting into a vibrant purple!! Just Hatched At Swift's!! Neat species, don't let them get away!!

Caribbean Purple

Caribbean Purple (Phormictopus sp."purple")
3/4", $59 each
Huge species from Cuba, with females being an overall purple! Male Phormictopus sp."purple" once mature are a deep electric purple, and so beautiful! Typical Phomictopus behavior with these, babies are blue like others species in the genus. Easy to keep! Reaching 8"+ as adults!! Limited supply, don't snooze on em!!


Javan Peach Earth Tiger

Javan Peach Earth Tiger (Phormingochilus sp."rufus")
3/4", $79 each, First U.S. Hatching!!
Fairly new to the hobby, this beautiful Asian arboreal species has tones of red and peach colors overall, with cheveron markings on the abdomen. Similar in behavior to species in the genus Lampropelma, keep these like most asian arboreals with ample height, and deep moist substrate. Typically aggressive, but so beautiful! Reaching 5" as adults, hatched for the first time in the U.S. by breeder Tom Patterson! Don't pass on these awesome arboreals!!
Photo Courtesy of Tom Patterson


Colombian Short Hair

Colombian Short Hair (Pseudhapalopus sp. "kurzhaar")
1/8", $39 each, First U.S. Hatching!!
This beautiful spider from Colombia is new to the hobby, and has a light grey carapace with darker legs and abdomen. Slight blue sheen on legs in recently molted adults! Smaller species, reaching 3.5" as adults. Easy to keep, but knowing growth rates on Pseudhapalopus, they are a bit slow growing. Hatched for the first time in the U.S. by breeder Tom Patterson! Get em while I got em!
Photo Courtesy of Tom Patterson.

Trinidad Copper Top

Trinidad Copper Top (Pseudhapalopus trinitatis)
1/4", $69 each, First Time In The U.S.!!
This beautiful spider from Trinidad and the West Indies, has a copper to orangish colored carapce, chelicerae, and some on patella. Legs and abdomen are dark charcoal colored, especially after a fresh molt. As adults a faint "V" can be seen covering the eyes. Smaller species, reaching 3" - 4" as adults. Limited supply, don't pass em up!!


Fort Hall Baboon

Fort Hall Baboon (Pterinochilus lugardi)
1"+ $39 each

Wide spread from the scrublands of Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, this fantastic "baboon" species has an overall tan to grey coloration with a "starburst" abdomenal pattern. Other common names of Dodoma Baboon or Tan Baboon have been used. As with all species in the genus Pterinochilus, these are aggressive. If given deep enough substrate, these like to burrow, and extensive webbing is also seen in captive habitats. Very cool species!
Usambar Orange Baboon

Usambar Orange Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus)
1/2", $20 each
From the Usambara Mountains of Kenya, and Tanzania, this spider is very orange, very fast, and very aggressive! P. murinus has been very popular in the hobby for nearly 30 yrs. due to it's increadable orange coloration, it's availability, ease of husbandry demands, and shear animated aggression! Due to this popularity, hobbyists have dubbed these "OBT's", standing for "Orange Bitey Thing". Reaching 5.5" as adults. Awesome arachnid!!


Brazilian Blue

Brazilian Blue (Pterinopelma sazimai)
1/2", $59 each
This fantastic looking Brazilian species is starting to become more available in U.S. collections. Deep dark blue overall with deep cherry red abdomenal setae. Similar in some aspects to C. cyaneopubescens (Greenbottle Blue), as far as the blue coloration, yet P. sazimai are not as nervous. Reaching 4"-5" in legspan, these are limited, so get them while you can!
Photo Courtesy of Anastasia Haroldsen.


Selenocosmia peerboomi

Philippine Greyleg (Selenocosmia peerboomi)
1/2", $39 each
This Filipino species is a overall greyish to golden brown, with a slender build. Thickened scopulae pad on leg 4 can been seen on the metatarsus of S. peerboomi. Deep burrowers, keep them on the moist side. Produced by U.S. breeder Tom Patterson! Reaching 5" as adults. Don't pass them up!!



Panama Red Rump (Sericopelma rubronitens)
1"+, $49 each
Such a beautiful beast! These huge spiders from Panama have been scarce as spiderlings in the hobby lately. Shimmering black overall with a red abdomen! Hardy species with the beauty of B. vagans, with the build of L. parahybana! Hatched in the U.S. by Tom Patterson! Reaching in excess of 8"! Don't Pass Them Up!


Union Island Treespider

Union Island Treespider (Tapinauchenius sp."Union Island")
1", $49 each
Fairly rare in the hobby, this beautiful Tapinauchenius species is also known as the "Caribbean Diamond"! Located on the largest of the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Union Island. Shiny purple sheen on legs with greenish / gold carapace as adults! Reaching 4"+ as adults! Easy to keep, but they are very quick! Don't let them slip away!!
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